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Pairing wine and chocolate

Chocolate and wine

Question from Zoe: I love chocolate and I love wine but together I struggle to make them work. Can you suggest a delish chocolate and wine pairing for Easter?

In a nut shell: To be totally honest I’d avoid the two together. Chocolate and wine should never really be paired. They compete to impress the same taste buds and in doing so butt heads and fall over. The only time you can enhance the flavours of both is if you find a wine that’s sweeter than the chocolate you’re eating, which isn’t easy.

In a clam shell: If you’ve ever eaten a piece of chocolate and then had a swig of your leftover wine from dinner you’ll notice that the wine taste sour and flavourless. That’s because the sweetness of the chocolate kills the flavours in the wine. Furthermore, both wine and chocolate are bitter which confuses those poor little taste buds of yours and results in yuck!

Having said that, if you nibble on some very dark chocolate and pair it with something sweeter like a ruby port or Pedro Ximenez you’re on the money but unfortunately if you’re a milk chocolate fan I’d give the wine a miss (or the chocolate).


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