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Making sparkling wine with a SodaStream

SodaStream explosion

Question from Win: Can you make sparkling wine with a SodaStream?

In a nut shell: Yes it is possible but be extremely cautious – a mass explosion is more likely than not!

In a clam shell: Theoretically, yes you can because sparkling wine is just still wine with bubbles in it. To make a wine (still or sparkling) yeast and sugar are added to grape juice and as the yeast eats the sugar carbon dioxide (bubbles) and alcohol are formed. The bubbles remain in sparkling wine because it is bottled under pressure so they can’t escape until you pop the cork (creating Champagne is a completely different story and you can read more about it here).

So with this in mind you should be able to pour still wine into a SodaStream and add carbon dioxide for a delish sparkling wine. But be warned!!!!! Danger, danger! My attempt resulted in a mass explosion all over my kitchen and me.

Proceed with caution! The wine that did stay in the canister was perfect sparkling wine. If you’re willing to risk a potential explosion I would advise adding half the amount of gas that you do when fizzing water. And let the canister sit in the SodaStream for a few minutes before removing it which will let the bubbles (and pressure) subside and hopefully prevent the detonation. I’d be REALLY cautious with red wine (well to be honest I wouldn’t try it with red wine) because one too many pumps of gas and your kitchen is going to be coated in a sea of red.

If you need proof I came across this tragic YouTube clip –

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