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Vintage variation… a dirty word?

Question from Grace: Why does my favourite wine taste different all of a sudden? Like different bad, not different good! HELP!

In a nut shell: Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! The inevitable has happened and life as you know it will never be the same. The vintage (or year that the wine was produced) has changed and therefore it tastes a little different. Read more

Why is Rosé pink?

Question from Sandra: Why is Rosé wine pink?

In a nut shell: Rosé wine is pink because of the grape’s red skin and the skin’s contact with the grape juice during the wine making process. Read more

The health benefits of red wine

Question from Peter: Is drinking wine good for you?

In a nut shell: Everything in moderation. First the good news – antioxidants found in red wine can have heart health benefits and fermented foods (grapes in this case) are good for digestion. The bad news – too much of a good thing can bring about some super sucky health problems. Read more

Does price equal quality?

Question from Alice: Does price really dictate the quality of the wine?

In a nut shell: Always, never and sometimes. This is such a hard one to answer because wine enjoyment is so objective. What tastes amazing to me might taste rubbish to you and vica versa. This I cannot answer with a yes or no so you’re going to have to read the ‘clam shell’ where I’ve listed all the factors that bump up the price of wine (which the cheaper bottles lack) and then you can decide for yourself if these qualities are what you like in a wine. But the bottle line – if you enjoy drinking your staple $10 red then why stop because it’s not a ‘quality’ bottle. What a heap of codswallop! If you enjoy it then it’s a ‘quality’ bottle to you and that’s all that matters!

In a clam shell: If we’re to talk about the factors that bump up the price and ‘quality’ of a wine then unfortunately your $10 bottle is probably not going to cut it in terms of the textbook definition. That’s not to say that you should stop drinking that $10 pearler – if you can’t taste the difference between your $10 bottle and a $150 bottle you are VERY lucky! Embrace this for as long as you can. I want to be you! Read more

Old world, new world, what world?

Question from Gloria: What’s the difference between old world wine and new world wine?

 In a nut shell – Old World wine is from Europe and New World wine is from everywhere else.

In a calm shell – Well that’s a bit of a lie (sorry) but it’s not that simple. Read more

Are old vines the new black?

Question from Marcus: What’s the deal with heritage vines? Why do older vines make better wines? I had both an apricot tree and a lemon tree growing up and they both stopped producing fruit eventually. Why are grape vines different?

In a nut shell – They’re not really. Old vines stop producing fruit just like apricot and lemon trees do but grapes grown on old vines produce more intense, richer and complex wines than grapes grown on new vines and hence all the fuss. But to be honest, I think it’s largely a marketing ploy so be warned and read on.

In a clam shell – There is a general acceptance that wine from old vines will taste better – more balanced, more concentrated, bolder, richer and more interesting but there is absolutely no legal agreement, anywhere in the world, defining ‘old’. Read more