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Lauren Kennedy

It’s taken me over 11 years – three university degrees (only one of which I finished) and four public relations/journalism jobs (mostly writing about topics that bore me to tears) – to figure out what I knew all along. Wine is where I want to be!

With an inner city lifestyle involving plenty of food and vino  (it’s an expensive hobby) it wouldn’t be ‘sensible’ to throw in the towel, resign from my day job and see where this love affair took me, so after too long dreaming about a career in wine here’s my first attempt at it.

It was my very first job, while I was still a young pup at high school, which ignited the flame. I got a waitressing gig at a local cellar door in the Yarra Valley (at this point in my life I was only interested in Bacardi Breezers). Some five years later I completed my Bachelor of Journalism, consumed a whole lot of knowledge with my wine and had a compelling desire to learn more. It was easier to get a job at a local newspaper than to figure out how I was going to become a successful wine writer. So off I went, down the easy road, and got a job that paid the rent.

But my desire to learn about wine grew more and more intense until I finally signed up to study the WSET Level 2 Award in Wine and Spirits. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about (which is probably most of you) I was taught how to tell what any bottle of wine, from anywhere in the world, would taste like just by looking at the label – pretty handy hey! Now, I want to share what I know about wine and what I love about wine (without the wine wank, I promise). Expect a simple conversation about the delicious juice, written for your everyday punter, in plain English.

Email your questions to and I’ll give you a straight forward answer. No wine waffle I promise.

Want to know what wine to drink with duck? Why French wine is so damn confusing? Or what corked wine is? No problem, just ask me!

I’ll give you a short response (for those of you who want it in a nutshell) and a long answer (for those of you who are reading my blog on the train and need to kill half an hour).

Drink, drink, drink and ask, ask ask!

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