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Wines to serve at a party

Question from Kathy: What wine should I serve at a party?

In a nut shell: Keep it simple and inexpensive and… Read more

Non-alcoholic wines for pregbots

Question from Lauren: I’m a serious lover of wine but won’t be drinking it for a while as I’m pregnant. Could you recommend any worthwhile non-alcoholic wines?

In a nut shell: I’ve got some great news for you. There has been a lot of talk of late about non-alcoholic wines becoming the next big thing as they still contain all the antioxidant heath benefits that alcoholic wines do (well actually more I guess as there’s no alcohol so you can drink till your hearts content). But does non-alcoholic wine stand up to the taste test? Read more

Making sparkling wine with a SodaStream

Question from Win: Can you make sparkling wine with a SodaStream?

In a nut shell: Yes it is possible but be extremely cautious – a mass explosion is more likely than not! Read more

Preventing a red wine headache

Question from Anthony: Why do some wines give me a headache and how can I avoid them?

In a nut shell: The culprits are histamines which are present in fermented and aged products. Unfortunately you’re probably deficient in the enzyme that breaks them down which results in an allergic reaction – headache, runny nose and flushed face. But there is a way you can prevent this allergic reaction and still drink wine… Read more