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The health benefits of red wine

Question from Peter: Is drinking wine good for you?

In a nut shell: Everything in moderation. First the good news – antioxidants found in red wine can have heart health benefits and fermented foods (grapes in this case) are good for digestion. The bad news – too much of a good thing can bring about some super sucky health problems. Read more

What’s that sediment in my glass?!?

Question from Nick: Why is there sediment at the bottom of some bottles of wine but not others and what is it?!?

In a nut shell: It’s a by-product of the ageing process so will only form in old bottles of red wine. It’s totally harmless but best not to consume it because it doesn’t taste very nice – muddy and bitter. Read more

Removing red wine stains

Question from BK: Hi Lauren, I often find myself on the dance floor with a glass of red wine and then the inevitable happens… I spill the wine on my clothes! Why the heck is it so hard to get red wine out? I’d dance naked to avoid this situation, though it might get awkward.

In a nut shell: Get off the dance floor, dash to the bathroom, remove your clothes, rinse toughly, dab dry and apply a thick layer of salt (just make sure you pick the salt up from the kitchen before heading to the bathroom or you might have to do a nudie run). Not very practical hey? So what’s a convenient alternative? When you get home, after a steamy session on the d-floor, apply an Oxi product, soak overnight and wash off the next day. Ta da… stain removed. Want a few carpet/couch tips? Read on… Read more

Don’t freeze Champagne!

Question from Heath: Can I freeze Champagne?

In a nut shell: No way man! NEVER freeze champagne and/or sparkling wine, you crazy cat you!

In a clam shell: Champagne and sparkling wine is best served chilled but don’t go putting it in the freezer to speed up the cooling process! Why? Read more