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Melbourne’s best wine stores

Question from Bruce: Can you suggest some great independent wine stores in Melbourne that I can try this holiday season. I usually go to Dan Murphy’s for convenience but I’d prefer to support local businesses.

In a nut shell: YES! There are so many great independent wine stores in Melbourne that stock fabulous boutique drops from Australia and abroad. I’m sorry if I’ve left off your favourite wine store and if I have please comment below and share them as I’m always keen to support the new kids on the block! The following are my personal haunts which are mostly influenced by where I hang out – I swing by them on my way home from work or on my way to friend’s houses, dinners and/or parties. Tell me your favourites! Read more

German vs. Australian Rieslings – let the games begin!

Question from Gillian: I am in love with German Rieslings! Why does Germany rock in the Riesling department? But I would love to buy and support local, can you recommend a great local off-dry Riesling? Love your work by the way.

In a nut shell: Germany rocks in the Riesling department because of its dynamic microclimate and location which allows for a longer ripening period than most other countries. This extended sunshine ensures the perfect level of sugar and acidity (the two most important elements in a good Riesling). Also, the unique soil of slate rock produces distinctive aromas and flavours found nowhere else. Lastly, Germany produces high quality wines because, by law, they must be made naturally with no additives or chemicals. With that said, Australia produces some amazing Rieslings too which I’ll get into later… Read more

Fabulous wine pairings with Christmas lunch

Question from Michael: We’re hosting Christmas lunch this year. Help! What wine should I serve?

In a nut shell: Let’s go with the simple order of light nibbles followed by seafood entrée, meat main and pudding for dessert. Nibbles will pair perfectly with Sparkling or Champagne. For a seafood entrée slick with a light white like Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio. For main pair with a light red like Pinot Noir, Grenache or Beajolais and for the pudding sip on a Muscat, Port or Pedro Ximenez. That’s pretty general – read on as I get a little more specific depending on how rich the food is. Read more